2015 Membership Meeting Results

A brief outline of the meeting:

  1. A decision was reached to elect a “temporary slate” of Officers and Board Members to serve until the regular membership meeting in October, 2015. The following slate is the result of that decision:
  •  Chair                                    Jack Ryan
  • Vice Chair                             Mike Oney
  • Secretary                              Clint Pinkley
  • Treasurer                              Helen Richardson           
  • Board Member                    Shubha Miller
  • Board member                     Kelley Barnard
  • Board Member                     Bob Boldt\

2. The following verbiage was approved as the mission statement or goals of the NEEED Project:

 “The NEEED Project will mitigate social, environmental and economic development problems in mid-Missouri  through a vigorous pursuit and application of mutually supportive, cutting edge technologies and with its success, set an example for application elsewhere”

 A logo fashioned after the well-known image of a single plant growing from a small pile of soil obviously enriched with biochar will be developed under supervision of Dr. Raymond Bayan and will be available for use within a matter of days and will become the official logo of the NEEED Project.

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