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Volunteer work party at the Big Horn Drive garden —

One of the best things about volunteering at our Heart of Missouri Gardens plot is the sense of community that’s created. Volunteers range in age from six to eighty-six. As a volunteer you’ll see the joy on children’s faces as they pick vegetables or hear the thanks of seniors who enjoy the fresh produce at the nutrition centers. You’ll surely enjoy the feeling of being part of an ambitious, community service project. Working together we’re creating local solutions to critical issues of food insecurity, poor nutrition, fossil energy excesses, environmental pollution, and economic development.

Find out how you can help as an individual or through your business, family, scout, or church group by calling 573-556-8660 or emailing at

If you would like to help with the Project but are unable to help at the garden, there are many other ways to be involved! We also need artists, writers, photographers, computer techs, speakers, etc. No matter what your experience or skills may be you can be sure you’ll play an important role in the NEEED Project.  Welcome! 

Want to learn more about our mission? Watch our video.

A informal “NIBS” meeting occurs each Wednesday at 07:30 at the Downtown Diner.