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Bringing the rest of our mission to life

Synergy of four mutually supportive objectives has been the centerpiece of the NEEED Project from its inception. It’s in the name. It’s in the founding documents. (Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, filings with the IRS and promotional materials) Nutrition, Energy, Environment and Economic Development are its goals. 

Early on, a strategy was adopted whereby “a different kind of community garden” would be the first of those four objectives to be pursued because of its “humanitarian” impact, its visibility and potential for local support. The name, “Heart of Missouri Gardens” was adopted, officially registered as a component of the NEEED Project and presented to the public. That choice has been an obvious success.

Now it’s time to remember those three remaining synergistic components of the NEEED Project and take the first steps toward bringing them to life. Those steps are: #1) choose names for each component; #2) officially register those names with the Missouri Secretary of State and #3) present them to the public explaining how they relate to one another and the whole NEEED Project.

Consider the following: Do some creative thinking; Join the process. Suggest a name.

Energy – by integrating application of emerging technologies we can demonstrate efficacy of converting waste organic matter into usable energy that supports operation of the community gardens. In doing so, overall energy expense may be reduced and may enable year-round vegetable production. Widespread application would further reduce need for fossil fuels, imported or domestic.

Environment - Typically, seventy-five percent of material going into landfills is organic in nature and can be converted directly into a very useful soil amendment or converted into energy used to convert waste organic matter from other sources into that soil amendment. That is to say, much of the waste we now pay to dispose of can be turned into useful products – the basis for the “ultimate recycling program”!

Economic Development – Mid-Missouri has an excellent mix of urban and rural environments that provide all resources needed to develop, perfect demonstrate, utilize and market products made possible by emerging bio-technologies. There is the added advantage of having a charitable and educational community garden where those technologies can be tested and demonstrated and, most importantly, we have in our midst a public university where related research is underway.

A growing interest in a food production and distribution system more attentive to quality and nutritional value creates a huge economic development opportunity for innovative programs responsive to that interest. That simmering interest can almost be labeled “explosive “and it’s currently focused on promoting local, organic production of vegetables. The economic development potential can be realized in growing or generating and marketing products of organic origin, designing, fabricating and marketing associated equipment, informing the public how to utilize related products and services and training people to perform those tasks.

Please review ideas outlined above and suggest an appropriate name for each. As with HOMG, the name selected may have a significant impact on future development and play an important role, once we initiate serious fund raising efforts. Let your brain run wild – suggest a name(s).

Off the cuff examples are:

Energy – Green Energy Solutions

Environment – FreshEnviroTech

Economic Development – MOTECH Progress

(I’m sure you all can do better! Please try)

In a few days I’ll appoint a small, temporary committee to select names to be adopted, subject to approval of the Secretary of State. Participation on that committee will involve no more than two and most likely just one brief meeting. Along with your submission of names, let me know if you’d like to sit on that committee.

Best wishes to all,

Jack Ryan


The NEEED Project

Planting continues!

The planting has gone quite nicely thus far – a lot of plants in the ground and they look great. Thanks to all who have chipped in. That’s the good part: Now, for the rest of the story.

We still have a good many plants to put in the ground and seeds to be planted. We still need your help! This is a particularly critical time because the

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plants won’t survive long out of the ground and the seed needs to be planted in order to start growth at the proper time. Weather can really mess that up! We need to get that planting done when weather permits.

Weather permitting we plan to be working Friday, May 23, 8:00 -10:00 or 11:00 am, and Saturday, 8:00-10:00 or 11:00 am, and if needed, 6:00-8:00 pm. If you have time and are able, please join us! You can let us know by contacting Mike Lester at 573-556 8660 or cell: 573-291-4832.

Just a few more days of intensive effort and we’ll be past the crunch! Thanks again for all you’ve done. It looks great

~Jack Ryan, NEEED Project Chair

Planting time is here!

Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and more! Spring planting time is here! We need your help to bring fresh produce to our Senior Nutrition Centers. Be part of our first planting work party at our heart of Missouri Gardens plot at 1009 Big Horn Drive, on Tuesday, May 20. Shifts start at 8 am, 9 am, and 6 pm. Come anytime and give whatever time you can. Bring a spade or shovel and a bucket if you have them. All are welcome, from experienced gardeners to beginners wanting to learn.

It’s time to garden! Exciting updates at our General Membership meeting on April 29

The public is invited to The NEEED Project general membership meeting

Tuesday, April 29, 6:30-8:00 PM

Coca Cola Building, 605 Washington, St, Jefferson City, MO.

Meeting highlights will include:

Two outstanding speakers:

Dr. Raymond Bayan, PhD, Lincoln University professor, biochar expert, and NEEED Project technical adviser, will speak on the benefits of biochar as a soil amendment.

Melinda Hemmelgarn, MS, RD, radio host of Food Sleuth Radio, will speak on “The Dirt on Food and Health,” the importance of good soil for good health.


Gardening updates:

We will begin our Heart of Missouri gardens this spring! Hear about our garden plots and how you can help us grow food for donation to Senior Nutrition Centers and other local charitable organizations.


Fundraising campaign kick-off:

Watch a short video highlighting our mission and goals and hear how your donation can be the Heart in the Heart of Missouri Gardens.


Short business meeting:

Voting on revisions to the by-laws. For a copy to review before the meeting send an email to


All NEEED Project meetings are open to the public. Come and bring your friends and neighbors. We need your help to address the serious

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problem of food insecurity in mid-Missouri.




Meeting on September 26

The public is invited to The NEEED Project

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general membership meeting on Thursday, September 26, 7:00 PM, at 1021 Northeast Drive in Jefferson City (at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship).

Dr. Raymond Bayan from Lincoln University, Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science will speak on the environmental benefits of biochar. Production and use of biochar and bioenergy are among the primary objectives of The NEEED Project.

NIBS: Wednesday brainstorming sessions

People involved with NEEED are getting together informally each Wednesday morning at 08:30 at Morgan’s Grill, 306 E. High Street. The idea is to get together over

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a cup of coffee and informally exchange ideas about the NEEED PROJECT. Those meetings are dubbed “NEEED Informal Brain Storms” (NIBS).

Next NIBS is Wednesday, May 29. Hope to see you there!

Guest Speaker for May 7 NEEED Meeting

Dr. Raymond Bayan to Address NEEED Project Meeting

The NEEED Project next public meeting will be at 7:00 PM on May 7, 2013 in the Coca Cola Community Center, 605 Washington Street in Jefferson City. The featured guest speaker will be Dr. Raymond Bayan from Lincoln University, Department of Agriculture and Environmental Science.
Dr. Bayan holds doctoral degrees in both geology and soil science and is currently engaged in both teaching and research related to production and application of biochar, a soil amendment derived from organic waste. His remarks will describe the status of biochar research, including its value as a soil additive to increase plant productivity, how biochar application can reduce atmospheric CO2, and its potential economic value. Jack Ryan, Interim Chair of the NEEED Project, states that “One doesn’t have to be a scientist to understand and appreciate Dr. Bayan’s description of the science and emerging technologies around biochar production. We are extremely pleased to provide an opportunity for the community to hear and engage someone with his knowledge and experience.” In addition to Dr. Bayan’s presentation, Tuesday night’s meeting will continue with the NEEED Project objective to organize as a non-profit that can plan and operate a community garden to grow vegetables for donation to food banks.

NEEED is an acronym derived from the first letter of the words, nutrition, energy, environment and economic development.

The May 7 meeting is open the public and all are cordially invited

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to attend.

The NEEED Project

NEEED is an acronym derived from the words Nutrition, Energy, Environment and Economic Development. The NEEED Project is a charitable and educational organization established to mitigate hunger, address environmental issues and enhance economic opportunity. Objectives include:

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