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The NEEED Project

NEEED is an acronym derived from the words Nutrition, Energy, Environment and Economic Development. The NEEED Project is a charitable and educational organization established to mitigate hunger, address environmental issues and enhance economic opportunity. Objectives include:

  • organizing a multi-generation corps of volunteers to operate community gardens (Heart of Missouri Gardens) that grow vegetables for donation to food banks, senior centers, and other charitable organizations
  • applying knowledge that emerges from research laboratories to develop and demonstrate equipment that converts organic waste into energy and a co-product (biochar) that enhances plant growth and sequesters CO2.
  • informing and educating participants and the general public about environmental benefits of technologies employed in the garden operations.
  • perpetuating wisdom and practical skills of seniors as they participate in unison with those of a younger generation.
  • equipping some participants with knowledge and skills useful in the job market.
  • testing efficacy and economic viability of equipment and products developed by the Project and making that information available for commercial adaptation.
  • cooperating closely with schools, colleges, universities, churches, service clubs and individuals who share an interest in these objectives.

Project Goals:

“The NEEED Project will mitigate social, environmental and economic development problems in mid-Missouri through a vigorous pursuit and application of mutually supportive, cutting edge technologies and, with its success, set an example for replication elsewhere”

NEEED Temporary Officials:

• Chair, Jack Ryan
• Vice Chair, Mike Oney
• Secretary, Clint Pinkley
• Treasurer, Helen Richardson

• Board Member, Shubha Miller
• Board member, Kelley Barnard
• Board Member, Bob Boldt

Technical Advisors:

Dr. Raymond Bayan, Lincoln University, Dept of Agriculture and Environmental Science; Don Schnieders, Master Gardener; Alice Longfellow, Longfellow’s Garden Center.